One of the most distinguishing factors about superior performance athletes is their capacity to rest. Yes their effort levels and dedication to their craft or sport is virtually unmatched and as a result they are repeated winners, but what is often overlooked is also their capacity to rest. The issue we have today though, is that like Apples, there are a variety of types of rest and choosing the wrong one at the wrong time is not helpful.


In this video presentation on the types of rest, at least three distinct types of rest are identified:

  • Active Rest. The kind that involves reduced activity in a tapering way, that leads up to the main event.
  • Passive Rest. This rest focuses on recovery and requires that you cease from the activity you were preparing for. Only after ceasing,can the rest come to you.
  • Restorative Rest. This rest is needed when the first two kinds don’t or cant get it done. The tiredness you feel is deeper in your bones. Its affecting your motivation. At this point you dont need the kind of rest that addresses what you do - busyness - you need the kind of rest that replenishes - ‘who you are’

Check out the video explanation here:

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