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Leading Leaders’ primary focus is to create dramatically improved performance and life satisfaction for people, by helping them understand who they are first and then where they are gifted. Then turning those abilities into their strongest contribution to the world.

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Optimal Performance – Performance (Part 3/3)

  • February 28th, 2012

We are all looking for the recipe for our strongest contribution, that mystical combination of ideas and focus that will bring out our very best. Where do I begin? What is step one?

White Water is the new norm

  • February 22nd, 2012

I see this reality of the rapid change of our lives more and more these days - that the new norm for life is akin to a ride on white water rapids. We have to remain connected to it and changed by it, in order to remain relevant.


Allan, you are incredibly insightful and have a gifted ability to help “coach” people in learning more about who they are and what that means.
Jeremy, Private Coaching
Anyone can identify someone else’s weaknesses, but it takes a true Coach to pull out God’s designed potential in another leader. Allan Kelsey is a true Leadership Coach. I wish I knew him years ago.
Jeff Jenkins, Owner/Founder, Universal Sports Marketing
What an incredible investment you’ve made in us. Thank you for helping me be a better leader, for helping equip my team to better appreciate and understand all that God has called them to be.
Deborah Mash, Executive Director Media, Gateway Church
Listen to Allan and you will “get it” and find yourself in a position to move up to the next level of productivity in your life.
Craig Tendrup, Executive Pastor, Gateway Church
I started last week setting aside six hours on Wednesday morning to be alone with my ideas. Can’t thank you enough for helping me achieve this strategic milestone of focusing on my #1 strength.
Peter Horn, Senior Pastor, Hill Country Bible Church