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Leading Leaders – Articles
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Relaunching LeadingLeaders.net

New site is up and running!

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Optimal Performance – Performance (Part 3/3)

We are all looking for the recipe for our strongest contribution, that mystical combination of ideas and focus that will bring out our very best. Where do I begin? What is step one?
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White Water is the new norm

I see this reality of the rapid change of our lives more and more these days - that the new norm for life is akin to a ride on white water rapids. We have to remain connected to it and changed by it, in order to remain relevant.
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How to repair a liquid spill on a MacBook

I recently bought my daughter an 11 inch MacBook Air and she loves it. However, through an unfortunate series of events, the computer got water spilled on it. Here's how I fixed it?
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Optimal Performance – Rest (Part 2/3)

One of the most distinguishing factors about superior performance athletes is their capacity to rest.

Optimal Performance – Training (Part 1/3)

In this 3 part series I want to uncover the elements I believe we would all need, if we are going to deliver our very best.
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An Essential Component of Leadership – Compulsion.

Its true, there are a host of qualifications and skills that are necessary for good leadership to be happening in an organization, but one that I think is often overlooked is compulsion.
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Show me Your Bigness God

Somehow, in the course of living out my life, reading, learning and growing - my view of God and what I expect from Him has been reduced the the very package-able and time managed executions I experience in the media.
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The encouraging lie in other’s success

I was recently having one of those conversations. You know the kind. Its the conversation that you have been waiting for with a successful individual that you hope will bring the answer you need for your own situation.
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Unlocking the best Strategic Planning

If you are leading any group of people you know that one of the most effective paths to engagement from them, is to include them in the planning of the goals for the next season. In this video, we will explore an interesting way to invite the most creative submissions from your team.
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