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I am afraid I will get lost.

Exploration and discovery are not an option when the traveler has concern about finding their way back home. Confidence and familiarity in my surroundings leads to the courage to risk and to discover.

When you lead, do people follow or obey?

The answer to this question is more telling about your leadership than you might suspect. Not only does the question separate inspiration from instruction but it equips the leader to see which form of leadership produces the best results.

NO! Leaders cannot be Magicians.

Magic is the craft of illusion made to look like reality. Sell illusion and there is no substance. Sell reality and it lacks the magic. So where does that leave us as leaders?
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How you start - really matters

We often underestimate the genesis of things. Where an idea, conversation, relationship or even a thought begins, strongly influences its existence.
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How to Lead when you are Empty.

Ever had it happen where you just plain 'run out'? Oh it's one thing to run out of ideas, but it is completely another when the faith, motivation or determination that brought you here in the first place, seems to be fading. Then what?

Visualization helps in Sport and Business

I realized as I sat there on the diving board, that I was about to swim a Conference Championship race where the outcome had already been concluded and I was the winner!
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The best Sales Strategy could be saying NO

A power influencer in the oil industry of the 80's once pulled me aside to share with me her secret to success. I expected it to be a robust formula that was as complex and esoteric as she was. I was shocked by her reply: focus = impact. Is all she said.

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Expectations - the fertilizer for productivity.

Brad Anderson, recently retired President of Best Buy said: "My suspicion is that expectations have a huge impact on the kind of contribution people actually do make." (http://www.marketnews.ca/LatestNewsHeadlines/BestBuyCEOtoRetire;BrianDunnNamedSuccessor.html)

You could be sabotaging yourself or your business and not know it.

From a sporting point of view, I have on occasion and on purpose, performed at 9/10's of my ability intentionally holding my full commitment back because it allows me an escape hatch if/when my result is not what I wanted. In short I have effectively sabotaged myself from the possibility of winning, in exchange for some version of guaranteed control.

Are you leading with Rules or Standards?

I attend a gym near my home and as a World Swimming record holder I am glad it has a swimming pool in it. Inside the men's locker room is a suit dryer. This particular suit dryer at my gym is an exercise in Leadership just waiting to happen. It is a small 2X1X1ft box with a stainless steel drum in it that spins 80% of the water out of a swim suit. Simply drop the wet suit in the top, close the lid & press on it firmly for 5-8 seconds and release. The suit emerges much drier - it is a very handy tool.

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