Optimal Performance – Training (Part 1/3)

In this 3 part series I want to uncover the elements I believe we would all need, if we are going to deliver our very best.

Top 3 ways to lead yourself

It may seem like a redundant question, but can you lead yourself or is that exclusively the privilege of another? Leadership tools are usually wielded on others but if you chose to use them on yourself which 3 would make the top of your list? Here are mineā€¦

Make them eat Alfalfa

Good ranchers know that their livestock cannot survive on Hay alone and must eat other forms of nutrients like Alfalfa, to keep them healthy. Leadership is similar in that from time to time Leaders must bring their team to a particular field to grow.

How you start - really matters

We often underestimate the genesis of things. Where an idea, conversation, relationship or even a thought begins, strongly influences its existence.

How to empower people?

Empowering people, whether they are employees or volunteers, has more to do with 'who' they are than 'what' we permit them to do. The term empowerment implies a sense of "I have the power/ability - you don't, and I am looking for some terms under which I am willing to bestow this power onto you."
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