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Leading Leaders – Identity
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Leadership Challenges in Lingerie

As leaders we are often approached to correct a problem, a knot in the system. The challenge is to see beyond the visible issue to the cause and not be seduced by the symptom into relinquishing or abandoning the vision.
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Leading in Chaos

This last week I had the privilege of producing a reality TV program about marriage and relationships. We planned for a year and executed it in 3 days and to call it organized chaos is a gross understatement.

Top 3 ways to lead yourself

It may seem like a redundant question, but can you lead yourself or is that exclusively the privilege of another? Leadership tools are usually wielded on others but if you chose to use them on yourself which 3 would make the top of your list? Here are mineā€¦

Expectations - the fertilizer for productivity.

Brad Anderson, recently retired President of Best Buy said: "My suspicion is that expectations have a huge impact on the kind of contribution people actually do make." (http://www.marketnews.ca/LatestNewsHeadlines/BestBuyCEOtoRetire;BrianDunnNamedSuccessor.html)

Identity based Leadership. Who you are leads to what you do.

When people truly understand who they are, they will also uncover their talents, abilities and Strengths. By simply allowing who they are to assist in guiding what they accomplish, Leaders will enjoy a level of engagement and productivity from their people they have never seen before. Research shows that when people are actively engaged with who they are and they incorporate those abilities in their everyday activity - productivity and contribution goes up 2 to 8 times. Not up by 25% or even 50%, but by 200% to 800%. That's doing more with less.