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Leading Leaders – Leadership Development
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Leadership Development

White Water is the new norm

I see this reality of the rapid change of our lives more and more these days - that the new norm for life is akin to a ride on white water rapids. We have to remain connected to it and changed by it, in order to remain relevant.

Optimal Performance – Rest (Part 2/3)

One of the most distinguishing factors about superior performance athletes is their capacity to rest.

An Essential Component of Leadership – Compulsion.

Its true, there are a host of qualifications and skills that are necessary for good leadership to be happening in an organization, but one that I think is often overlooked is compulsion.
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Leadership is not an end to itself.

Any society that has been impressed by Plato or Socrates has drifted toward the Greek mindset where knowledge is king. As Westerners I think we have bought into this perspective to one degree or another and as a result it should come as no surprise then that Leadership is also evolving into a destination, rather than a tool.
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Are you in a Leadership Rut or Routine?

Ruts and routines are not the same, but they can both be helpful in Leadership. We all get in them, that state of functioning when action happens, but engagement is missing. Some call it a rut others a routine.

Shame and Leaders that quit.

I suppose my thinking is that if I can discover how excellence was sourced, then perhaps I can play a role in creating it in others. I consider myself a life long student of the things that motivate us as people.
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Art, Creativity and Leadership.

Can Leadership be art? Creativity fits into art, but where does creativity fit into leadership? Have you ever experienced leadership in such a way that impacts you like art does?

The Curse of the path “Well Worn”

If you have chosen to be a Doctor, sell Chicken sandwiches or fix cars, that's great because there are ongoing needs for those actions. However the predictability of the action and the path that gets you there has the power to paint you with a brush of very ordinary and common colors.

Leading Swarms or Herds?

The nature and behavior of the crowd we are speaking to, influencing and leading, affects our leadership. Some crowds respond like a herd, meaning there is a scattered presence of them but isolated movement - even sudden movement - doesn't seem to phase the group much.
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Who needs a hug instead of ‘feedback’?

As leaders we can sometimes get stuck behind productivity and deliverables. Yes, they are what we measure and ultimately they are the cause of profit or loss, but if we get too stuck on output and loose touch with the people doing the work along the way, then we are in trouble.