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Leading Leaders – Optimization
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Optimal Performance – Performance (Part 3/3)

We are all looking for the recipe for our strongest contribution, that mystical combination of ideas and focus that will bring out our very best. Where do I begin? What is step one?

Optimal Performance – Rest (Part 2/3)

One of the most distinguishing factors about superior performance athletes is their capacity to rest.

Optimal Performance – Training (Part 1/3)

In this 3 part series I want to uncover the elements I believe we would all need, if we are going to deliver our very best.

Are you in a Leadership Rut or Routine?

Ruts and routines are not the same, but they can both be helpful in Leadership. We all get in them, that state of functioning when action happens, but engagement is missing. Some call it a rut others a routine.

Art, Creativity and Leadership.

Can Leadership be art? Creativity fits into art, but where does creativity fit into leadership? Have you ever experienced leadership in such a way that impacts you like art does?

4 Essentials to get from Here to There

Most of us have thought about what it takes to move away from where you are and toward something new. It is a repeating story in our lives and there are many examples; from being single to being married, from living in this town to living in that town, from having this job to having that job, from seeing life this way, to seeing life that way.

Does the size of your group matter?

From a single person to group sizes of over 1000 people, the ideal number of people in any group is becoming quite a science. After some research I have discovered that not only are there some serious thinkers spending quite a bit of time developing this idea, but these thought processes about group sizes have been around in the military for 100’s of years. One thing is certain, adjusting the number of people in a group size, directly impacts the group’s cohesion and performance. How many people are in your groups?

Knowing your Strengths is just the beginning.

I want to introduce you to some friends of mine from South Africa. Their names are Nick & Heather Costaras (Greek). Heather had an idea to help 10 rural black women in impoverished Kwa-Zulu Natal - South Africa, become entrepreneurs, business owners and have a healthy self image. It burned in her like fire. It is an amazing idea called Tapestry of Dreams!!!!

Leading with your Strengths

Leading with your Strengths can look a number of different ways, but here are three central ideas to Leading with your Strengths:
  • What Leading with your Strengths does.
  • What leading with your Strengths is not.
  • What you have to have in order to Lead with your Strengths.

Leadership Challenges in Lingerie

As leaders we are often approached to correct a problem, a knot in the system. The challenge is to see beyond the visible issue to the cause and not be seduced by the symptom into relinquishing or abandoning the vision.
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