Does the size of your group matter?

From a single person to group sizes of over 1000 people, the ideal number of people in any group is becoming quite a science. After some research I have discovered that not only are there some serious thinkers spending quite a bit of time developing this idea, but these thought processes about group sizes have been around in the military for 100’s of years. One thing is certain, adjusting the number of people in a group size, directly impacts the group’s cohesion and performance. How many people are in your groups?

Leading with your Strengths

Leading with your Strengths can look a number of different ways, but here are three central ideas to Leading with your Strengths:
  • What Leading with your Strengths does.
  • What leading with your Strengths is not.
  • What you have to have in order to Lead with your Strengths.

Leadership Collateral Damage.

Strong leadership can sometimes be detrimental to the people in an organization.
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The Leadership Tension of Raspberry Vinaigrette.

Consultants like myself are often hired to bring in some magical potion that will help improve co-worker relationships for the sake of faster or less conflicted production. Sometimes that is precisely the wrong thing to do.