Stories about my Journey

How to repair a liquid spill on a MacBook

I recently bought my daughter an 11 inch MacBook Air and she loves it. However, through an unfortunate series of events, the computer got water spilled on it. Here's how I fixed it?
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Show me Your Bigness God

Somehow, in the course of living out my life, reading, learning and growing - my view of God and what I expect from Him has been reduced the the very package-able and time managed executions I experience in the media.
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Discovering your Identity – Part 1

I believe Christianity today is suffering under an epidemic of worldwide proportions. It is potentially more devastating to the world than the persecutions of the early Centuries and certainly more widespread. It is quite simply, an identity crisis.

My Everyday Miracle

My name is Allan Kelsey. I am a 41-year-old married father of two girls who is trying to live out the astonishing life that God has blessed me with. This is a recent excerpt from one particularly memorable day.

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Leading in Chaos

This last week I had the privilege of producing a reality TV program about marriage and relationships. We planned for a year and executed it in 3 days and to call it organized chaos is a gross understatement.