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Leading Leaders – Personal Growth
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Personal Growth

Beyond this place there be Dragons.

It was globally accepted at one stage that the world was flat. That it was possible to sail off the edge of it into oblivion and unprecedented danger. All the unexplained of the sea, was thrown into the cauldron of the ‘edge of the world’. All the danger and unexplained mysteries, sea monsters and certain destruction, was bundled up into that place. Allowing the threat of 'word-of-mouth' dragons to obstruct your intentions is not a healthy way to lead.

Top 3 ways to lead yourself

It may seem like a redundant question, but can you lead yourself or is that exclusively the privilege of another? Leadership tools are usually wielded on others but if you chose to use them on yourself which 3 would make the top of your list? Here are mine…

I am afraid I will get lost.

Exploration and discovery are not an option when the traveler has concern about finding their way back home. Confidence and familiarity in my surroundings leads to the courage to risk and to discover.

How you start - really matters

We often underestimate the genesis of things. Where an idea, conversation, relationship or even a thought begins, strongly influences its existence.

How to Lead when you are Empty.

Ever had it happen where you just plain 'run out'? Oh it's one thing to run out of ideas, but it is completely another when the faith, motivation or determination that brought you here in the first place, seems to be fading. Then what?

Visualization helps in Sport and Business

I realized as I sat there on the diving board, that I was about to swim a Conference Championship race where the outcome had already been concluded and I was the winner!

You could be sabotaging yourself or your business and not know it.

From a sporting point of view, I have on occasion and on purpose, performed at 9/10's of my ability intentionally holding my full commitment back because it allows me an escape hatch if/when my result is not what I wanted. In short I have effectively sabotaged myself from the possibility of winning, in exchange for some version of guaranteed control.

What I expect seems to dictate my capacity.

Lately I have been exploring the relationship between expectation and capacity. Capacity to produce and capacity to receive. It seems one predestines the other.

Playing to Win or not to Lose?

At first glance playing to win or playing not to lose, seem like two ways to say the same thing. But there truly is a world of difference between them. Playing to win embraces the hope of 'what if' and almost relies on it for hyperbolic results. The other plays with a clenched fist, desperate and defensive.

Identity based Leadership. Who you are leads to what you do.

When people truly understand who they are, they will also uncover their talents, abilities and Strengths. By simply allowing who they are to assist in guiding what they accomplish, Leaders will enjoy a level of engagement and productivity from their people they have never seen before. Research shows that when people are actively engaged with who they are and they incorporate those abilities in their everyday activity - productivity and contribution goes up 2 to 8 times. Not up by 25% or even 50%, but by 200% to 800%. That's doing more with less.