Personal Growth

How to do more with less - and not burn out.

This might be one of the most frightening and commonly bantered phrase in the market today, and it comes with some sobering implications. The reality that Leadership are being asked to accomplish more than last year, using fewer resources and resulting in higher levels of control, seems like an insurmountable task. How can improved results be accomplished using fewer people, spending less money, and resulting in better control – in this market?

How to get Phenomenal growth.

As a Swimming World record holder I spent many hours in the swimming pool and in the gym, doing workouts. The workouts are designed to tax the mind and the body to a new level of stress, damage or breakdown. Then (by design) the mind and body repair itself, having expanded its operational range, and are now stronger for it. The deeper you go in to the new territory of 'breakdown' - the stronger you become after the recovery has taken place.
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