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Leading Leaders – Sport & Performance
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Sport & Performance

Optimal Performance – Performance (Part 3/3)

We are all looking for the recipe for our strongest contribution, that mystical combination of ideas and focus that will bring out our very best. Where do I begin? What is step one?

Optimal Performance – Rest (Part 2/3)

One of the most distinguishing factors about superior performance athletes is their capacity to rest.

Optimal Performance – Training (Part 1/3)

In this 3 part series I want to uncover the elements I believe we would all need, if we are going to deliver our very best.

4 Essentials to get from Here to There

Most of us have thought about what it takes to move away from where you are and toward something new. It is a repeating story in our lives and there are many examples; from being single to being married, from living in this town to living in that town, from having this job to having that job, from seeing life this way, to seeing life that way.

Discovering your Identity - Part 2. Physical Talent

Welcome back to the 6 part series on discovering your true Identity in Christ. We all seem to have questions about our Identity and about how to discover what we are on this earth for. My hope is that through this series, you will more clearly discover your Identity and in the process, find your destiny.

Discovering your Identity – Part 1

I believe Christianity today is suffering under an epidemic of worldwide proportions. It is potentially more devastating to the world than the persecutions of the early Centuries and certainly more widespread. It is quite simply, an identity crisis.

When you lead, do people follow or obey?

The answer to this question is more telling about your leadership than you might suspect. Not only does the question separate inspiration from instruction but it equips the leader to see which form of leadership produces the best results.

Visualization helps in Sport and Business

I realized as I sat there on the diving board, that I was about to swim a Conference Championship race where the outcome had already been concluded and I was the winner!

You could be sabotaging yourself or your business and not know it.

From a sporting point of view, I have on occasion and on purpose, performed at 9/10's of my ability intentionally holding my full commitment back because it allows me an escape hatch if/when my result is not what I wanted. In short I have effectively sabotaged myself from the possibility of winning, in exchange for some version of guaranteed control.

What I expect seems to dictate my capacity.

Lately I have been exploring the relationship between expectation and capacity. Capacity to produce and capacity to receive. It seems one predestines the other.