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Relaunching LeadingLeaders.net

New site is up and running!

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The encouraging lie in other’s success

I was recently having one of those conversations. You know the kind. Its the conversation that you have been waiting for with a successful individual that you hope will bring the answer you need for your own situation.
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Unlocking the best Strategic Planning

If you are leading any group of people you know that one of the most effective paths to engagement from them, is to include them in the planning of the goals for the next season. In this video, we will explore an interesting way to invite the most creative submissions from your team.
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Can environment effect productivity?

Environment affects productivity dramatically. If you care to experiment to see just how much it does, try raising the thermostat in the area you work, to above 80 and see how effectively people are able to remain productive.
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Is RESOLUTION the enemy

I find it interesting that the root of this word has different meanings to me. On the one hand: RESOLUTE - to set your face like flint, to be admirably purposeful, determined.

These all speak of goals and vision and purpose. They refer to tomorrow and color that reference with hope and 'can do'.

On the other hand:
RESOLVE - to bring closure, to subside, culminate, end.

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The best Sales Strategy could be saying NO

A power influencer in the oil industry of the 80's once pulled me aside to share with me her secret to success. I expected it to be a robust formula that was as complex and esoteric as she was. I was shocked by her reply: focus = impact. Is all she said.

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