Inheritance without conditions.

If you spend any time cruising through the scriptures looking for the promises that God offers people, you will find two major categories of promise. There are the kind that have a condition and the kind that don’t. An example of a promise with a condition is found in Deuteronomy 5:16 Honor your father and your mother, as the LORD your God has commanded you, that your days may be long, and that it may be well with you in the land which the LORD your God is giving you. In this promise it is easy to see that the promise of length of days and life to be well, comes to children after they obey their parents. So if I want that result I have to comply with the requirement. There is a condition to the promise.

Another kind of promise that is found in the Bible is geared toward the people who have said YES to an ongoing relationship with God. For these people, there are also a bunch of promises, but these promises are different. Other than having a relationship with Jesus, there are NO requirements. There are no: if you do this, then I will… The promises simply exist and they are all available for everyone who believes in Jesus. As Christians we can say that they are an inheritance for us. The moment we step into a faith relationship with Jesus, the full availability of every one of these promises/inheritances are ours. No conditions, we just get them because we are family. We inherit them. It is our right, by virtue of our relationship with Him, that we operate in and function in these inherited promises and they work (or do what they say they will do) without condition.

Here (paraphrased) is what some of those promises say:

▪ You have a specific contribution to make which God prepared for you. Eph 2:10
▪ You are awarded more grace than you can exhaust in your life. Eph 4:7
▪ You will do greater works than Jesus did while he was still with us. John 14:12
▪ All the things you break or have done wrong are hereby and forever forgiven. Eph 1:7
▪ You have been given a Supernatural force that has come to stay with you.  This force is powerful like Dynamite; it gives you authority over all evil forces. With it you can even cure the sick. Luke 9:1
▪ Remember when God lifted His Son from death that one time – how much strength that took? Well He has given all that to you in the Supernatural Force.  You have it. Rom 8:11
▪ You have been given an entire suit of armor.  It is made of material that is so revolutionary that it is out of this world.  It will protect you against enemies you may not be aware of. Eph 6:10-18
▪ Although your enemy seems big and capable, you have actually been given all authority and power over him.  So he has to listen to you. Luke 10:19
▪ This same enemy will also be crushed under you feet. Rom 16:20
▪ There are regiments of unseen forces at play around you every day and they are given by God to you.  They are on your side. Eph 1:15-22
▪ “How long will you neglect to possess the inheritance which the Lord has given you?” Josh 18:3
▪ You are not just victorious in this Life, but are more than a Conqueror. Rom 8:37

These promises are an inheritance from God to us and enable us to do things we would never have been able to do without Him. They are a game changing reality. A super power that strengthens us to accomplish the amazing. They definitely contribute toward your destiny because they change what you are capable of, so knowing about them and using them as the tools they are, is vital.

The sneaky Dry-Cleaner.

Russ has been a customer of Antonio’s Dry Cleaners for 10 years. They have a great relationship and every week Russ brings his suits and shirts to Antonio to clean. Antonio knows what Russ likes and treats his shirts and pants with just the right amount of starch. One day Antonio decided to play a trick on Russ and slipped a brand new crisp $100 bill in one of Russ’s trouser pant pockets. He hung the pants on a hanger, covered it with the plastic bag and handed the bundle of Russ’s clothes to him as he drove by the window. Russ thanked him in his usual polite way and drove home.

After getting the clothes inside he hung them in his closet and continued with his week. On Friday Russ and Brent decided to go to the movies and so unknowingly Russ slipped on the trousers that Antonio had loaded with $100. The two friends approached the ticket window, ordered the tickets for the movie they chose and then realized they had both left their wallets in the car and turned to walk back to the car to fetch the money. They couldn’t pay for the movie tickets because they had left their money in the car.
Truth is though, that statement is a lie! Russ had $100 in his pocket, but he didn’t know it. Since he didn’t know it, he didn’t even bother looking for the money in his pockets because he had no reason to believe anything would be in there. After all, he just had the pants cleaned and there couldn’t possibly be anything left in them. All the way back to the car both Russ and Brent were moaning about how helpful it would have been if one of them had some money on them.

The reality in our lives is that we have been given an inheritance by God. A massive installment of amazing promises that are ours to function in, yet often times we don’t, simply because we don’t know we have them. They are as near to us and given to us, as the $100 was near to Russ and on him while he was walking back to the car whining that he didn’t have any money on him. God has effectively given us a priceless inheritance and we are not using it because we don’t know about it. It is literally in our pockets and we are not aware that it is there.

Half of the problem with inheritances in the world is that they don’t get claimed. Every year millions of Dollars of goods and currency get held in storage, because it belongs to someone else as an inheritance and never gets claimed. To claim the inheritance all you need is to show up with proof of your relationship to the Giver. That’s it. To begin operating in the inheritances that God has prepared for us, all we have to do is show up with proof of our relationship to Him and we get it ALL. So what are you waiting for?

Next time we will uncover the final piece of the puzzle of our Identity, it is our passion. By the way it is not passion like the kind you have for quilting or NASCAR either.

Till next time,

Two questions then:

  • Have you looked at your inheritance lately?
  • How would life be different if you found one of the spiritual $100 bills in your life?