3 Circles.

On a clean sheet of paper draw three circles in the shape of an upside down triangle i.e two above and one below. Make all three circles overlap, so that the first two overlap in the middle and the third overlaps those two at the bottom creating a small triangle in the middle of all three. Got it? Now lets start filling in the information that you have discovered about yourself over the last 6 parts to this series.


(Place these entries in the upper left circle)
In this circle write the highlights of what you discovered about yourself in parts 1 & 2, namely your character and physical talents. This would mean the 5 Strengthsfinder talents and any other character strengths you clearly discern about yourself. This is also the place to include any physical talent that you may have that is worth noting. e.g if you have a golf swing like Tiger Woods, then you really want to do something to strengthen that and see what God intended for you through that gift.


(place these entries in the upper right circle)
In this circle enter the results from parts 3 & 4, these are your spiritual gifts and your inheritance from God. Entries in this circle could be words like: Mercy, hospitality, Prophet, or discernment. The inheritances that are strongest to you should appear here also, because they are the empowering you will need for the journey ahead. As believers we all get the same inheritance, but only the ones that stand out to you, are the entries for this circle.


(place this entry in the bottom circle)
The final piece of the puzzle is the passion that God has ignited in you. Don’t be discouraged if you feel like it takes a while to discover what your true passion might be. These are not conversations we often have with each other, so it takes a little contemplation to really get clear about what that passion might be. Once you have it, write it as clearly and succinctly as you can in the bottom circle.

What is at your center?

The essence of your Identity, the purpose for which you are on this earth, could be revealed by the 3 part overlap of your circles. In the very center of all three circles are the inner-most overlaps, where all 3 circles converge to reveal the center of who you are and what you are about. That center embodies the passion, giftings and talent that has been intentionally invested in you by God and the purpose for which He equipped you.
Think about it. What does that center look like? Who is it aimed at? What issue does it address? What purpose is best represented by all the contributing components of the circles?

Once you have defined what that center looks like, try to boil it down to a single phrase. Think of it within these limitations: it must fit on the back of a t-shirt. Keep it short enough to fit on the back of a t-shirt or to tell someone on a trip in an elevator. It should also inspire you. When you hear that phrase described it should crank you up and make you feel like you want to go out and get started right now!!

Let me be the first to offer you my congratulations!!!  This is not an easy process, but knowing what you now know, enables you to do something about your destiny and brings purposeful intention to the actions you choose as you move toward your destiny. If you have found your calling and it is clearer to you now, I would love to hear from you. Please contact me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and tell me your story and your passion.

Till next time,

Two questions then:

  • Now that you know what you are on this earth to do, will you do it?
  • Who else needs to know what you have just discovered?