But beware!

Push too hard into the ‘breakdown’ area, and negative damage occurs. Physical damage that requires surgery or therapy to recover from or mental damage that can be even tougher to overcome, because in essence ‘failure’ occurred and a path out was not found at that instance of ‘breakdown’.i.e you met your present limit and decided that because you weren’t able to find a way out immediately, you had found the fixed end of your capacity.

This too is a lie and very correctable (just like physical therapy fixes body damage) in the hands of a skilled coach or mentor.

So why do we go so deep into ‘breakdown’ if those are the threats or potential damages, waiting for us there?

The answer is simple = EXPONENTIAL GROWTH!!

Greater and faster advancement in strength and capacity is developed in those areas of stressed ‘breakdown’ than any other place in life. At no time do we as humans grow any faster or stronger, physically or mentally, than when we are pushed to the edge of our current limits. Pushed close enough (usually requiring some external force, like a coach or mentor) to our limit to get all the benefits after recovery, but not so close that negative damage occurs.

So in swimming terms, if the workout we are scheduled to do, covers 5000 yards, then 4000 of those yards are just there to create the opportunity for the increase that comes from the last 20%. Without the first 4000 yards, the final 1000 are not near as beneficial.

The Last 20%

Why pay the price/effort of going through the first 4000 only to get out of the pool because the final 1000 are too hard? Such opportunity lost, but it happens every day.

The same is true in life, it can take months of ‘breakdown’ and difficulty to create the opportunity for increase that comes from the final 20%. But if you walk away at the life version 3950 yards, you forfeit the Exponential growth that was about to start 50 yards further down the road.

Two questions then:

  • What price are you willing to pay for exponential growth?
  • Do you have a coach or a mentor to keep you from negative damage?