In this information age Ideas can be researched and alternate plans can be created, but where do you go when the FIGHT that seemed like an unstoppable force in you, is all but gone? You’ve chased the dream and endured opposition, you’ve invested and sacrificed and hoped and dreamed. But now the reality is that the dream is not quite there yet. Its close, but not self-sustaining and the length of time and effort that it has taken to get to this point seems no longer sustainable. You need a break through NOW!

When the dogged belief that created so much energy in the beginning starts to fade, then the discipline to follow through starts to slip. There is no more energy to dot the “i” and cross the “t”. Diligence gets replaced with mediocrity and optimism for tomorrow becomes short a sightedness with no desire to see the future. Everything starts to seem bleak, and the color begins to wash out of the project that you once believed in so deeply.

Not the facts, Just the Truth.

I know how that feels and I have moved through waves of it as this project I am in unfolds. During times like this, it helps to have someone objective in the mix that can paint an accurate picture of the truth for you. Not the facts, just the truth! You may not think there is a distinction here, but there really is. On your own you can conjure all the facts you need, to completely demoralize your position. You can see what the facts point to and how overwhelming the odds are and become even more depressed. That is easy to do on your own and very evident in its visibility. What is harder to see is the truth.

The truth is that you chose to follow your heart in this project because you knew it might be the most important contribution you could make. The truth is that opposition is inevitable, but surrender is a choice – your choice. And should you choose to throw in the towel, then defeat will be the result and it will be accounted to your giving-up, not to how insurmountable the odds were. The truth is that since it is your dream, no-one else can create it and so its life depends on you.

When you run out, look in.

If your experience is anything like mine then posing or pretending your way through the difficulty is not an option. Besides, as leaders, only authentic leadership gets followed. Posers may have authority by virtue of their position, but people sniff out their pretence and will not tolerate it. The only place you will find authentic, sustainable motivation to complete the project – is right where it first began – in you. The combination of your talents, abilities and passions is the Genesis of your project and it is only there that you will find the strength to finish.

Benjamin Franklin wrote:

Persistence moves the chance of profit greatly in your favor.

There is an inexorable link between who you are and what you do. It is called Identity based Leadership. Your abilities, talents, passions and strengths, all make up who you are. It is part of your Identity. Those very same abilities are what ignited the project in the first place and are therefore the only authentic source of energy or motivation for completing it. So go back to them. Visit again the injustice you wanted to right, or realize anew the opportunity that exists. Then allow the passion that moved you to act in the very beginning, to move you again. Realize that you have all the talent and ability to make it happen and then change the way you see.

Two questions then:

  • Do you have someone who can tell you the truth and not the facts?
  • Have you discovered your Identity?