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As amazing as the idea is though, I want to illustrate their journey – not so much the idea! This dichotomy between the idea and the journey is often where the wheels come off in our lives.

    Heather’s idea is powerful and its implications are incredibly impressive. Imagine how the lives of these 10 rural women will change after being plucked from obscurity and pampered in elegant evening gowns and fashions shows. Given small businesses to own, taught a trade they can earn a living from and given food and clothing for a year.

I asked Heather why she is doing this and she said:

“because God loves these women extravagantly, but they are not hearing that message through the lives they are living so it is necessary to change their circumstances extravagantly in order to change the voice they hear.”

Well it is extravagant alright. This project costs over $250 000 and they have struggled to raise enough money to see it through as planned.
Heather told me that even if they have to take a second mortgage on their home to complete the project, they will do it.
The final gala event happens this November and the team plan to execute with all the grandeur and extravagance they can build.

What’s the dichotomy then?

We are all made with unique abilities. Through these abilities, God equips us very intentionally to contribute special ideas like the ‘Tapestry of Dreams’ to the world.
HOWEVER!! Having a truly impressive idea, with God sized needs, does not automatically qualify the project for – everything is gonna be great – status. Sometimes we feel the enormity of the project we are in, is what determines the level to which God must intervene. The bigger the project, the more He is ‘obliged’ to make it work. We feel something along the lines that the idea is too big for me to have come up with, so it must be God and therefore since it is Him, He will have to ‘make’ it work. Giving me a kinda hands-off position. I don’t think this is always true.

I think God’s will is sovereign and He is going to accomplish precisely what He intends. When we join ourselves to what God is doing as Henry Blackaby says in Experiencing God then it is likely we will find His provision and His power.  Furthermore, since it is God who has equipped us with unique talent, when we use that talent for the benefit of others, we draw near to Him. In a sense we draw into His provision and His equipping by using the unique Strengths and Talents He gave us for contribution to others.

Know your Strengths.

If the dichotomy lies between the idea and the journey of walking out that idea, then the bridge between them has to be our Identity. Bundled up in our Identity are (among other things which we won’t go into today) the Talents, Spiritual Gifts and Passions that God has given us. They combine to create a powerful contributing force of ideas, abilities and motivations to walk out those ideas in our own unique way. The surprising reality though, is that most of us have no idea WHO we are or what specific abilities we possess. As a result we cannot intentionally leverage them for the benefit of a project, other people, or even ourselves. So no matter how remarkable the idea we are involved with, we are prone to stumble through its execution unless we discover WHO we are.

We must discover our uniqueness in God, we must understand our Identity and what that empowers us to contribute to the world because WHO you are will empower you for WHAT you are to do.

So what about Nick & Heather? The story of their journey is not over. They still have time to gather funds, and the final few weeks are filled with potential and opportunity. I know all of the Tapestry of Dreams team will be hard at work to create a life altering experience for those 10 women. Both Nick and Heather are quite connected to their Strengths and abilities and would not have launched into this project if they were not sure this was the right thing to do.

Two questions then:

  • Do you know clearly WHO you are?
  • If your Journey is frustrating for reasons of Identity, how will you address that?