My day started out fairly ordinary. A good friend and myself met for a meeting with a cameraman we were about to hire for a shoot we had planned. After the meeting, I needed some books from a local bookstore, grab a fast lunch and rush back to town, where I had a 1:30pm meeting with a pastor friend. He had just returned from a trip to the far east and had some wonderful stories about what God is doing over there and I was looking forward to hearing all he had to say.

As I came out of the bookstore, I saw a popular fast food sandwich store across the street and decided I would go and get a sandwich “to go”.  It was busy. Lunchtime had filled the dining room and most of the chairs were taken by busy eaters and fast talkers. After placing my order the cashier asked: “For here or to go, Sir?” “For here” I replied.
That’s strange because I remember so clearly deciding before I went in, that I was placing a ‘to go” order. Anyway, if I got down to it and ate, I could be done quite quickly and still make my next meeting. I spun around to find an empty seat and was frustrated by how few there were. Most all had been taken and after walking around a little, I found a single chair and table by the window near the back of the restaurant.

Where do questions get you

They came in while I was still eating. Two tall women in their early 30’s, clearly friends having lunch together. They got their food and sat at the table near the door. It was the only one left but nobody really wanted it because it was drafty by the door.  Now, something you should know about my relationship with God is that I love to ask God questions. I find it a great way to keep my relationship active and interesting and I sometimes discover the craziest things about other people and about myself. So I asked God: “Lord, what can you tell me about those two women that just walked in?”

I wasn’t ready for what came next. I got more information and specific detail about one of the ladies than I was ready for. Huge downloads of emotion and response and circumstances and in details that surprised me. “WOW” I thought, after God had finished revealing what felt like too much information to me. Then my questions arose again and I asked God: “So Lord, what am I to do with this information?” “Go talk to her about what I just showed you. I will tell you what to say.” Was His response.

Now I have to tell you although this doesn’t happen to me every day, it has happened before and from past experience I know not to ignore a message from God so clear. I stalled. ‘Maybe if I eat slower they will finish before me and leave and I won’t have to go and make an idiot of myself” I thought. When that didn’t work and the pressure of God’s Spirit resting on me got heavier, I realized I was too far in and had to obey. I made my way over to their table and excused myself from the couple sharing pizza just inches behind my leg. I got down on my haunches, because I wanted them to look me in the eyes and asked: “Do you believe in God? Because if you do I have a message from Him for you.”

Just a regular Lady

God had made it very clear to me which lady the information pertained to and I directed all my conversation at her. She was a regular lady, wearing regular clothes eating a regular lunch on a very regular day. “God shows me that you have been hurt a lot lately. That there is a particular group of people that have been the source of much pain and heart-ache for you. They don’t even know the extent of the pain you are feeling. God is here to tell you that He sees it. (Much crying happened here)
However what you need to know is that you have more control than you think and it is time to let it go and move on because there are some truly miraculous things that He wants to use you for, that are just around the corner in areas of your life that you have already begun to see some success. However He cannot use you as long as you are holding onto the hurt from old wounds. You have the power. Let it go. There is a lot of good waiting for you up ahead” (There was more but it is edited for content)

She cried. Her friend was mesmerized. They both sat completely still and amidst all the crash and call of a lunchtime rush, you could hear the Spirit of God blow through her life. It was beautiful. It was restorative. Through the tears she smiled, asked me for my name and invited me to sit with them and talk more about what God had said. I declined. This was about her and God’s message to her – not me. I needed to disappear. Hands shaking and palms sweating I high tailed it out of there. I wanted to be alone with God to unpack what had just happened. I jogged to my car in case they came out to ask me more and drove down the road to my next meeting.

“Thank you God!” I was so overcome by God’s love for me that allowed me to be the guy to experience that crazy event. Grateful that God loves us all enough to send a perfect stranger to deliver words I couldn’t have known to a hurting woman. It built faith in me. I know it helped the stranger in the restaurant.

Three questions then:

  • What are you asking God about?
  • What are you hearing?
  • What are you doing with what you hear?