The challenges of Leadership seem infinitely varied, but one thing remains constant among all those variables whether in school, work, church or as an individual. It is people that need the leading. That single common element is then the most logical place to start, to bring change, control, improvement or any other outcome. Leading Leaders takes that approach to resolve Leadership challenges.

What Leadership challenge can I help you overcome? Leading Leaders approach is to begin with the people and uncover their true Identity, talents, skills and abilities, and then uses that capacity to accomplish the desired change or outcome. This approach ensures the ongoing engagement of the people doing the work, because it taps into their personal motivations. Actively engaging people’s abilities and talents this way provides joy to the participant and higher productivity for the environment in which they work. Does your organization need higher productivity? I can help.

Fee Structure

Leading Leaders service fees are influenced by the scope and duration of the project and available as follows:

  • By Hour
  • By Session or Task or Outcome
  • By Day

Top Leadership questions my Clients ask

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