In the Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian, right toward the end of the story the enemy has been routed with the help of the trees and chased to the river.
The leader is swept away by the rising tide and the army is washed into surrender.

Aslan and the crew meet at the banks of the river on the other side and after Aslan restores Reepicheep’s tail, He asks to be introduced to the little man that He has heard so much about and Trumpkin steps forward.

Aslan looks over to him while Lucy asks him if he believes in Aslan now and Trumpkin, embarrassed, nods his head – wide eyed as he stares at Aslan.

And then comes my favorite part….

Aslan holds nothing back and roars a fearsome and deep roar. The kind that reveals the fullness of His power, makes your hair blow back in response and hints at the bone shaking strength He is restraining.

Its an initiation of sorts that welcomes Trumpkin to the tribe and yet inspires no fear, just reverence and awe.

In my heart, these days, I long to stand in front of Jesus and hear Him roar over me in the welcoming way that challenges all my paradigms, blows my hair back, and leaves no ounce of doubt about His power. I want it to overwhelm me and yet not frighten me. I dont want Him to be kind to me by not showing me all His power. I will only feel truly welcomed and respected if He will unashamedly show me – at some level – His fulness. Or I might feel condescended to.

Its what I think we need for boys(maybe girls too?) these days as a rite of passage in some way. For men and women of power and influence to stand over them and show their strength without restraint and in a welcoming way. An invitation to fulness, not a display of disparity.